Small details
great effects.

We have planned, executed and completed various self funded projects in Mallorca. We pride ourselves on paying attention to every detail of the homes we refurbish, and we hope you enjoy them as an owner or a visitor.

About our projects

Our refurbishment projects aim to bring the EC Homes signature aesthetics to life. All our projects have been privately financed and executed with attention to detail. We use top quality noble materials such as oak, stone, black lacquered iron and glass to create warm and memorable atmosphere in all of our properties.

We are more than a real estate agency. Our mission is to transform spaces and create special accommodations exclusively for you.

Strategic location

Residential Design

Interior Design


Original Charm Updated Quality

We pride ourselves in noticing special details in each of the spaces we refurbish. Whenever possible, we update but keep features that give each project its personal charm.

We preserve history while giving our clients the comfort and functionality they have come to expect from all EC Homes properties.


Modern Living
Historical Surroundings

Our refurbishment properties have the advantage of being in very desirable locations. Walking distance to many historical attractions and natural wonders, our properties offer a perfect base for exploring Mallorca .

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